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Ep. 46 - What to know about Summer Session 2023!

March 17, 2023 Matt Markin Season 1 Episode 46
CSUSB Advising Podcast
Ep. 46 - What to know about Summer Session 2023!
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In Episode 46 of the CSUSB Advising Podcast, Matt Markin chats with Veronica Martinelli, Senior Program Specialist at CSUSB about everything you should know about Summer 2023! How many units can you take? Is financial aid available? When does summer start? Find out in this episode!

For more information, check out the CSUSB Summer website!

E-mail: summer@csusb.edu

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Hey Yoties. Welcome back to the CSUSB advising podcast. My name is Matt Markin and academic advisor here at Cal State San Bernardino. And we know that you've had many questions about summer this summer 2023. How many units can I take? How much does it cost? Is it financial aid? Well, we have a returning guest. And that's Veronica Martinelli, Senior Program Specialist to answer those questions. And more. Veronica, welcome back to the podcast.

Thank you for having me.

So let's jump right in. When do summer classes start? 

So, summer, there's three sessions this year. The first five weeks are May 30, through June 29, is your last day of instruction. And then your finals will be July 3, and fifth. And that seems a little odd. But that's because July 4 is in there. The second session will be July 10, through August 15. And that includes your finals, which are the 14th and 15th. And then your full session is May 30, through August 15. And the finals for that as for the 14th to 15th.

Wonderful, so yeah, so now students are they have three different sessions that they might take classes and all three, or maybe just a couple, or maybe just one of the sessions, but definitely a lot of opportunity a timeframe wise, especially if a student wants to have a actual summer without classes, they might end up doing one of those shorter sessions, and then still have time to maybe actually take a vacation before snowing back. So a question we get sometimes is with summer classes, you know, they're you know, they're shorter sessions. So does that mean that they are the same amount of units, a less amount of units that they've taken in the fall or spring semesters?

They'll be the same units if you took the same three unit class for Fall or Spring. And if it's offered in summer, it's the same units, it's the same thing. It's just offered in a compacted manner. So you go less time. And so you get one, six, whatever classes you want out of it, and in a matter of five weeks, or 10 weeks.

And then so I guess my next question would be how many units can a student taken in the summer, especially if we have three different sessions is there a certain amount they can do per session or overall?

So students are allowed to take 14 units. If they want to do a course overload, they'll need to contact the registrar's office. And they do have a form on their website. So if they want to take more than 14 units, they'll need to contact them. However, you can only take seven units in each session. And the reason it's seven units is because sometimes you have a lab attached to one of the classes, which makes it a four unit class instead of a three unit class seven in either session, and up to 14 units for the entire summer. And then

of course, the question comes up with financial aid, is there going to be financial aid available for summer? And if so how does a student know if they might be eligible for that summer financial aid.

So summer is a little different this year. So the financial aid is going to be just a little different. But there is no summer assistance grant this year. Instead, you may have the State University grant. So you'll need to check with financial aid regarding your financial aid and what you're eligible for. It's if you enroll in a class and you know you have financial aid, they the aid is automatically awarded to the student. So they don't have to apply for it or anything like that. It's no different than falling spring. But if you want to verify the amount of aid you have, you should contact financial the financial aid office. And the number for that is 909-537-5227. And their email is financial aid at csusb.edu. And they are offering the Graduation Initiative grant. And that is for seniors who can graduate and summer you have to graduate somewhere it can't be fall, that also they pay tuition only up to 14 units. So you'll still have to need pay your student or mentor campus fees and any like if there's a charge attached to the class or something I have to pay that but the tuition part you will not have to pay and there is an application for that and it opens up March 30. And it is on our website, which is csusb.edu/summer. And you'll find it on that website.

Alright, sounds good. Now how much like let's say a student isn't getting any financial aid? How much does it cost for summer? Again, summer

is just different this year. So we are, it's instead of a per unit rate, it's a flat rate, like you would in fall and spring. So for an undergraduate who takes zero to six units, it's $1,665. And then, if you take 6.1 Plus units, it's $2,871. A credential program, if you take zero to six units, it's $1,932 6.1 Plus units is 3330. And a graduate student would pay for zero to six units, $2,082. And then 6.1, plus is $3,588. You can find that on our website. Again, if you go to csusb.edu,/summer, because I know that's a lot of information. And yes, if you take three units, then you still have to pay the $1,665. It's no different than fall or spring to flat rate.

And for students that are interested in taking summer is the summer class schedule already available.

It is it was available March 10. And so students are able to view that on an academic scheduling website. And that website is csusb.edu/class-schedule. Or you can go to our website again, and we have a tab for that. And you can go directly there. Or you can look in your Student Center, just like you wouldn't fall in spring. And you should be able to search for the classes though.

All right. So when are students able to register for summer?

So registration begins April 3, and you should have your appointments already, your enrollment appointment should be in your Student Center. If you do not have one, you should contact the Office of the Registrar and give you that email. That email is registrationhelp@csusb.edu. All

right. Now let's say I'm a new student for the upcoming fall 2023 semester, am I able to take summer classes or is there a department I need to contact for more info.

So there's two ways that you can take summer during if you're a student who's admitted in the fall, the first way is you can go through what's called the Early starter student. And that is on our website, there's a link, if you go to the summer session website, there's a link under the registration page and it takes you directly to admissions form that you need to fill out. And you can take classes that way. Please note that if you do decide to take classes that way, then you will have to make sure all of your documents and you have to be fully admitted to the university in order to take the classes. However, you can also take it through Open University and Open University is for non matriculated students. So there are students who are not attending CSUSB. And if you're accepted in the fall, no, you're not attending CSU has been in the summer. So you are able to take that but it's that is open enrollment is April 21. So you wouldn't be able to enroll until then. But usually, unfortunately, by the time most students get all of their paperwork in and are fully admitted to the university, they're only able to take session two because it takes time you know, when you graduate and all your high school transcripts and everything. So you usually only are able to take session two. However, with Open University, you don't have to be accepted to the University and so you would be able to try and get into any of the three sessions. 

Now let's say a student has you know, more questions. How are they able to reach out I know you mentioned the website content, other contact info.

So we do still have our summer line which is 909-537-3978. We usually we'll reply, we usually answer your phone call, you know, answer it. But if not, we do reply that same day. So please leave a message. If you want to email us, it is summer@csusb.edu. And please note that summer is different again this year. And so any specific information about financial aid or the registrar or Student Financial Services, you will need to contact them directly. I can give you some information, but there may be different different procedures or policies that you need to follow this summer than what you have in the past.

Well, Veronica, we appreciate all the information that you've learned about summer. And then Yogi's you have a lot of information here and to help decide if you want to do summer or not. You have the contact information. But Veronica, thank you so much for being on the podcast again.

Thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

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